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Why Hire a Buyer's Agent?

Your home is often the most valuable and intimate asset you will own. Having a trusted and experienced
advisor guide you down the multifaceted path to ownership is crucial. Keep reading, it’s worth it.

Reasons why a buyer’s agent is always beneficial:
• You need your own representation. The seller's agent is just that; the seller's agent. You will be better served by your own buyer's agent, who only represent your interests.
• Understanding the fluid market is essential to buying a home at the right price. We have access to and can evaluate the relevance of sold comparables and will guide you to an offer price so that you don't overpay or lose out on a home you love.
• Having pre-established relationships with other agents in the area brings insight and a smoother transaction. We have strong relationships with the leading brokers and just like in any business, people like working with people they like.
• We will present you and your offer in a way that will resonate with sellers. Sellers and seller’s agents love a clear and concisely portrayed overview of their buyer’s profile and qualifications. We also know how to effectively structure an offer in a way that will be more appealing to each specific seller.
• An experienced buyer’s agent can protect you from potential financial catastrophe by catching problems and potential pitfalls of a “bad” deal. Use the lessons we have learned over the years so that you don’t pay the price learning on your own.
• Navigating the complexities of a purchase can be daunting. You need a point person “conductor” to lead the symphony; someone who will help you manage and understand: attorneys, managing agents, inspections, appraisals, surveys, mortgages, rates, applications, and mountains of paperwork, particularly in a co-op. Getting nearly to the finish line and missing a step or being rejected by a board is a terrible outcome, and one that can be avoided with proper support.
• Need an attorney, mortgage broker, contractor, mover, etc.? We have a vetted list of resources that we share with our clients. Having a great team is important as you will need to rely on many people to successfully purchase your dream home.
• NYC real estate knowledge is key. An expert will know about tax abatements, certificates of occupancy, appraisals, assessments, inspections, the DOB/HPD, violations, construction do’s and don’ts, closing costs, and much, much, more.
• And, best of all, IT'S COMPLETELY FREE! The seller pays the commission if you come on your own or with an agent. Without a buyer's agent, the seller's agent will keep the full fee, and you’ll be represented by someone who’s loyalty is with the seller!


Common misconceptions about buyer's agents:

Q. If the seller's agent keeps the full fee, wouldn't they be more likely to push the seller to accept my "unrepresented" offer?
A. From our experience, NO. Seller's agents don't actually prefer unrepresented buyers. Unrepresented buyers are generally unprepared buyers. Seller's agents like to know that the buyer is getting good guidance and is well equipped to get a deal done. Having worked as sellers' agents, we can assure you that the experience is much better when the buyer has their own agent.

Q. Aren't there a lot of deals done without buyer's agents?
A. NO. 90% of the sales in the NYC area are done broker to broker. Why? Because, buyers ultimately learn only after not winning a bidding war or having a failed transaction that they need the guidance of an agent working for them.

Q. Can't I just find a home on my own?... All of the listings are on StreetEasy.
A. Sure, you can search StreetEasy (though has more pre-market listings that you won’t find anywhere else), and we would encourage you to keep your search going. But, the value of an agent is much more than a search. We work to schedule appointments, ensuring you maximize your time and help you to evaluate which properties are worth seeing. We have seen thousands of homes and can give you
advice on renovation ideas, value, local insight and more. And, that's even before we get to the hard stuff like pricing, negotiations, financing, etc… We welcome the opportunity to help guide you through the process AND make the whole experience more fun and less stressful. We are both Brooklyn home owners, and together we have over 20+ years of real estate experience. Our clients have loved being able to
come to us as a trusted one-stop-shop from buying to renovating to selling a home and everything in between. We would love to be your guide on the journey to finding your home!

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