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With over 300 deals, we've had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful clients.  Here's what some of them have said about us.

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As you all have probably heard by now, one of my least favorite things to do is to move. 
So, you can imagine the kind of feelings I was having when I finally decided we had to sell our place and get back into the crazy race of looking for a new place. (Yes, it took a pregnancy, rats on the block, and two power outages in one week to break me). 
One reason why I was concerned is that last time around, it felt hard. There were so many steps, so many offers, so many conversations between so many people that I was always orchestrating. 
But y'all, I have to say, this time around was awesome, and we know that's because of stellar pros we had working with us. Ben and I really appreciate how much you did (a lot of it behind the scenes) and how you kept us focused, got strategic, and helped us find a new home that fits us down to the countertops that match my company's brand color. 
Thank you for all that came with this- like dealing with attitudes (not ours, of course), negotiations over toilets till the 11th hour, silly questions from us we probably could have googled, and more. And thank you for the grace in moments where I may or may not have been calling people names in frustration... 
While I hope we don't move for a long time, we will surely be back in touch when we do, and always be referring. 
Thank you, thank you! 

Callan and Ben F.

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